Sweet Gig: Turner's $95k Intern Had $35k in Travel Perks

#HOUSTON - The suspiciously overpaid $95k government funded intern also had some sweet travel perks, according to a new report.

Earlier this year when news reports revealed the city was paying Marvin Agumagu, an entry level intern with no government experience, more than most senior level staffers, people were not pleased to hear the news.

Now city records released show executive intern Agumagu traveled to nine different cities, including Berlin and Manila, on the city's dime.

Agumagu had over $35,000 in travel expenses as he wined and dined in exotic places like Berlin and Manila.

Records indicate the inexperienced and overpaid intern stayed at luxury hotels and traveled in "business class".

Wow! Must be nice.

Mayoral candidate Tony Buzbee said, "We are paying this person $95,000 dollars a year as an intern, he spent since November of 2018 35 days traveling all over the world, we are paying him to quote as he says 'learning the business of aviation,' because he knows nothing about aviation whatsoever. Do you wonder why we can't put more police on the streets."

Tony is right - why does Houston tolerate this obvious example of cronyism?

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