Selective Outrage Over Police Violence in Dallas Fort Worth Area

#TEXAS - By now you've probably heard about Atatiana Jefferson and Botham Jean, but wheres the outrage over Margarita Brooks? There is none, because she's the wrong skin color.

Over the past year a shooting involving Dallas area police officer Amber Guyger has captured widespread international attention and now the story of a Fort Worth woman who was fatally shot while babysitting her nephew, but the story of an Arlington, Texas woman who was recently shot and killed by an officer in August isn't capturing the same attention from the outrage community.

Fox News reports:

Emergency responders and the officer, 25 -- he'd completed his training and was released from supervised patrol on July 1 -- were responding to a welfare check in Arlington, where Margarita Brooks was reportedly passed out in a grassy area around 5:20 p.m., the Arlington Police Department said in a statement Thursday.
In body camera footage released Friday, the young officer can be heard calling out to Brooks, "Ma'am...are you OK? ... Is that your dog? Can you get up?" A small dog, a beagle-Labrador retriever mix belonging to Brooks, appeared to charge at the officer.
That officer, whose name has not yet been released, drew his gun, shouting, "Get back," before firing three times.
The woman can be heard screaming; the bullets apparently grazed the dog but hit Brooks in the chest.
She was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Unfortunately for Margarita Brooks, she's the wrong skin color. BlackLivesMatter doesn't march for dead white homeless women. There were no protests for Margarita Brooks and the police officer who shot her wasn't charged with a crime. Amber Guyger has been sentenced for murder. The officer who shot Atatiana Jefferson has now been charged for murder. But justice for Margarita never came.

Most police are not bad people. The vast majority of our country's law enforcement officers are hardworking, underpaid, underappreciated people who do a fantastic job protecting their communities. Like most industries, there are bad apples and people who behave recklessly but the outrage community only stages protests when the victim is the right skin color. This behavior from the Left is the definition of propaganda.

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