Fascination with tales of sunken treasure….it’s half a world away…but still raises a thrill.

And intrigue… because it’s about Russia! Or at least a sunken Russian warship that went down in 1905 in the Sino-Japanese war carrying $130 billion in gold.

Now it’s been found off the coast of a South Korean island by a team of explorers of South Korea, Britain and Canada. They captured footage of the wreck bearing the name Dmitri Donskoi more than 1400 feet below sea level.

Why was that cruiser of the Russian Imperial Navy carrying all that gold into war?

5500 boxes of gold bars and coins, weighing 200 tons. Just before his capture, the captain scuttled the ship so the Japanese couldn’t get their hands on the gold. In case you’re wondering, when the treasure hunters bring it up….half will go back to Russia.

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