This year has rolled through political hoops faster than I've seen in 4 decades of news coverage.

It strikes me that we're seeing something familiar to most Texans....that idea of "CAN DO".

Never dreamed that I'd find it in that in the man from New York the old chili ad used to say. But it seems the more the world, and especially MSM, tell Donald Trump what he can't do.....he can.

Can't cut taxes, create jobs, slash unemployment, raise the GDP... can't pull out of the Iran deal, the Paris Accord, decimate Obamacare, bluster at our professed "Allies" over profound trade deficits we've suffered, can't get North Korea to talk denuclearization, can't defeat Isis ...of course we're still hearing "can't build the wall". Which brings to mind another Texas saying, “you just hide and watch”.

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