This is a repeat personal note about my favorite date.  May 14th.  I celebrate every year, because May 14 was my first full day of being a Texan, some 5 decades ago.

We left a huge Fryer clan back in Missouri and rolled into our new home of Hallettsville, Texas as the courthouse clock struck 6 pm the evening before.  When I awoke to the bright Texas sun on May 14 and headed to my first day of school as a Texan, I knew the stars had finally aligned…or I should say, the Lone Star had finally aligned for me.

It has been an amazing life from that day on and I firmly believe that “only in Texas” could that happen for me.  To the Texans who welcomed our family and to all the ones we’ve met since….I’m so proud to be one of you.  God Bless Texas.

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