Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush

In many ways it has been comforting to see the images and hear the words of Barbara Bush this week ...  to remember the First Lady who also acted as a matriarch to the country. I heard her say it's because she just loves (d) people and liked to meet and learn all about them. The quote most heard, was about never regretting time spent with loved ones, family or friends. 

In one replayed interview she was talking about how lucky she felt to have lived the life she did, to have been so rich in experience….but even that boiled down to family.  Because when asked why her life had been so extraordinary, she replied, “I married well and I buried well.” It startled me, but I quickly realized that she was complimenting the family that had raised and impacted her.

I know that at her memorial service, I’ll be thinking, for her family and her country, this is truly “burying well”.  Rest in peace, Barbara Bush.

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