Maybe it's because this poll was taken at a spa, where women were hanging with their "besties", but the results were a bit of a surprise to me, that the majority preferred their best friends to their husbands. That's what the headline reads, but should more likely say women prefer "spending time with their best friends". The main reason given?  “They understand each other.”   Followed closely by best friends actually listening to what you're saying. 

"We talk about everything” drew a 57% response.  “I can tell her things I could not tell my partner”.  “We laugh until we cry”.  

Seems to be mostly about communication.  Are you listening, husbands?

The reason that made me laugh:  “she is less irritating”.  

I’d love to hear the man’s take on all this.  

But it seems to me the easiest solution is when your spouse is your best friend.

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