Just a few quick views of Houston’s Morning News….don’t know why it set me off, but I just don’t see the logic of a major Scotch distillery trying to build a female following by renaming some bottles of its famous Johnny Walker Black….Jane Walker.  Wow.  That really makes me want to rush right over.  Wrong. 

But here’s a Scottish brewmeister who gets it very right.  Craft beer maker Brewdog is building a hotel at its brewery near Aberdeen.  The DogHouse hotel allows guests to overlook the brewers at work…but even more immersive, features beer taps in every room.  Their headline reads, “a room with a brew”.  Right.

And even more right, the elderly man in the Phillippines who is protecting his dog from the rain.  Sometimes it’s the simplest things to give a smile on the day. It’s posted at ktrh.com

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