Oh, they globbed it on at the Golden Globes awards.  Hollywood in typical fashion proving that “issues” are now its mission in life.

The current issue, after pulling back the scab of sexual predators in tinsel town, is women.  The power of women.  The justification of women who just aren’t going to be abused anymore.  That’s noble, but you have to wonder where is the punch in all the hashtag slogans,  bad jokes, flash and glitz, not to mention wardrobes…

Black was the order of the night for attire…..not black tie….but black….to show solidarity for women.

Actress, singer, producer Connie Britton got into that act…. And even deeper….decided to mix her message in a statement about poverty.  She wore a t-shirt on the runway….black and emblazoned with “poverty is sexist”.  She caught a lot of flak on social media, estimating the tshirt cost about 380 bucks..

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