Model t truck

Model t truck

On Houston’s Morning News we gave a nod to the Ford Model T-T….the first pickup truck to roll off the production line 100 years ago….7-27-1917.  It resonated with me because it’s also the birth date of my Daddy…who died 27 years ago.

 Cliff Fryer loved automobiles and in his work trucks.  No surprise that my brother and I developed the same love of travelling the road and all the sense of freedom it gives.  In this new age of increasing limitations to that freedom…forgive the nostalgia of the millions of us who remain unabashedly fans of the internal combustion engine.  My dad’s favorite “old” car was a 34 Ford coupe.  I harbor an unrequited love for the 57 Chevy sedan….and of course the first car my dad bought for me….a flaming red with racing stripes 71 Ford Mustang.  A 3 speed stick shift…he knew better than to dig for an early model Cobra.  Ah…kids today don’t know what they’ve missed.

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