The left, and Hillary, too, labeled them "deplorables", but who are they...the millions of Americans who voted for Donald Trump?

A voter study group took a deep look and found there are actually 5 distinct types of Trump voters. Ranked by percentage:

Staunch Conservatives formed 31% of Trump's vote.

Free Marketers were 25%

American Preservationists 20%

Anti-Elites 19%

the Disengaged 5%

Their reasons for their vote are interesting to read in the report by the Democracy Fund. They are not a one-lump mentality that many believe are representative of the President's support. And each group is not exact, as often their thoughts and reasons overlap.

I don't know if the study is opposition research or just scholarship, 

But it's the clearest analysis I've seen on what happened in the 2016 election and why support remains today.

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