The hysterical ballyhoo over the climate accord battle just wears me out. I'm no scientist, don't claim to "know", as so many other non-scientists do, that the continued use of fossil fuel will doom the planet.

But I do know that not all fossil fuels are equal. The pullback in coal in this country actually benefits natural gas sellers to electric producers. Perhaps that's part of Exxon-Mobil and Conoco-Phillips support of the accord...considering their huge plays in natural gas. Always follow the money. Countries, like France which is "hugely" nuclear in its energy use and sellable expertise or Germany which prides itself in renewables, stand to benefit financially and in raw political power, by gaining control over American sovereignty to provide energy for itself. And then there's China, which doesn't have to apply the agreement until 2030, if even then. Follow the's what the President did.

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