He landed in Houston at Kelsey Seybold in 1980, an old school general practitioner, now called internist. Dr. Spencer Berthelsen has continued to see his patients over all these years, even as he directed the incredible work and growth of Kelsey Seybold over the years.  This Houston-founded health care provider has grown to 21 locations across our area, with 418 physicians providing 55 medical specialties, as well as affiliations with leading hospitals of Texas.

Dr. Berthelsen is retiring this week.  I personally will miss him, as will his many patients and everyone at Kelsey Seybold, who affectionately call him Dr. B.  He has always retained that scholar- and- gentleman demeanor and that doctor’s concern and attention, that have been the standard and role model for Kelsey Seybold. That will continue.  While Dr. B is stepping down as acting director and Chairman, he will serve in an advisory capacity to the board. 

Hope his retirement brings him fulfillment and bliss.  We will miss you, Dr B.

Dr. Spencer Berthelsen (above, left). Photos by Shara Fryer. 

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