I usually like to think and talk about things Texan...but a couple of reports out of Massachusetts caught my eye. One read, "Boston Has So Many Bar Fights, Some Bars are Planning to Get Rid of Using Glass Barware". Oh, my!

And these aren't just some old honky-tonks, or pubs, as they call them there. Beer bottles smashed over heads, cocktail glasses used as missiles in some best-known, upscale night spots, and now the local commissions are considering relegating fancy drinks and craft beers to "koozy" cups. Oh, my, again!

At the same time, in the nanny state of MA, the state Fisheries and Wildlife board.. reptile wildlife in this case, is rushing to protect....wait for it....rattlesnakes.

The Rattlesnake Review Group is trying to find a good spot to plant a colony of timber rattlesnakes, to increase their dwindling numbers. Local humans aren't too thrilled about that, but, Ah, the logic of government.

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