Talk about your big oops....or my bad...I've done it and maybe you have too. I'm talking about sending that emoji that you mistook as a Texas flag. It's not. How embarrassing.

I do remember doing a double-take when I first saw it....and yes, sent it....something didn't look quite right....but I brushed that off. I didn't find other state flags and figured it's because the Lone Star flag is so beautiful and does stand alone among flags. Like I said, big oops. That emoji is the Chilean flag...yes, it's pretty too...and similar to the Lone Star of Texas....but it's the Chilean flag I've been texting to homesick family and friends.

It took a resolution in the Texas Legislature to alert us to the discrepancy... was it a mistake by the emoji creator or just the work of a proud Chilean? Can we make an appeal to add the Texas flag now?

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