On Houston's Morning News we learned, as all of you did, that host Matt Patrick is the winner we knew he would be. Matt thrilled us with the news that his cancer is officially "in remission". He just learned himself within the past 24 hours.

Watching him tell our KTRH listeners, I could only imagine the release of stress, the soaring of spirit he is now experiencing.

Yes, I've had it myself...but Matt's battle has been unremittingly ongoing, in extremes, for 17 months. During that time he has continued to work, to laugh and to lead on Houston's Morning News and on his syndicated show on KPRC. I don't have words to fully express my admiration and outright awe for Matt's courage and his family's courage, support and love for him.

If we're lucky, life gives us examples of how to face adversity, as well as triumph and joy.

Matt Patrick is the example I am grateful to have. Bring on the joy for Matt.

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