More Than 70 Members Of Congress Giving Up Pay During Shutdown

On the eve of hundreds of thousands of federal employees missing their first paycheck because of a partial government shutdown about 13% of Congress is saying they won't get paid as well.  So far 71 of the 535 Representatives and Senators have said they will either delay or donate their pay for the duration of the shutdown.  It's a bipartisan move, as there are 39 Republicans and 32 Democrats who have announced they will not receive a paycheck for as long as the shutdown lasts.  Most of the members are in the House, but 13 Senators are also not getting paychecks.  President Trump has made no announcement whether he will give up his paycheck although in the past he has donated it in portions to federal agencies.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are not on the list compiled by CNN of members of Congress who say they are giving up their checks.

Photo: AOL