Liberal San Francisco Recalls Three Far-Left Members Of The School Board

The parent revolt is alive, even in liberal cities.

This week, voters in San Francisco booted from the school board three radical-leftist members of the school board.

Among those recalled was the board former vice-president, Alison Collins, who infuriated parents after previously attacking Asian-Americans for having “white supremacist thinking” and call them “house ni—er”.

The recall effort was driven by parents frustrated with the slow reopening of schools.

Collins was one of the radicals on the board who led efforts to rename the schools during the pandemic. 

Instead of reopening the schools, they were more focused on changing the names of schools they deemed “problematic”. 

Then a series of Collins tweets from 2016 went viral prompting outrage among Asians. 

Back in 2016, Collins wrote a long Twitter thread accusing Asian Americans of using "white supremacist thinking to assimilate and 'get ahead,'" and comparing them to a "house n****r". 

As school board VP, Collins pushed to drop merit-based admissions process to the city’s top public high school, Lowell High, because it was “racist” that too many Asians were getting in. 

Voter overwhelmingly supported the ouster of Collins along with board President Gabriela López and Faauuga Moliga. 

As The San Francisco Chronicle reports, “the recall effort was driven by parents frustrated parents and community members pushing for the trustees’ removal over the slow reopening of schools during the pandemic and the board’s focus on ridiculous issues like renaming 44 school sites and ending the merit-based admission system at Lowell High School. 

One parent who supported the recall effort, David Thompson a.k.a “Gaybraham” Lincoln, said (emphasis added) “this is what happens when you try to rename the schools in the middle of a pandemic! We wanted to show the diversity of the community behind this recall. I knew they were going to say, ‘Oh isn’t it just a bunch of Republicans?’ and I’m like, do I look like a Republican?” 

This is Gaybraham who organized & pushed for the recall.

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