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Man Arrested After His Mom Shares His Pot Brownies At The Senior Center

Probably turned out to be the best card game ever.

The elderly mother shared the brownies that her son baked at a card game at a senior center in Tabor, South Dakota.

The mother didn’t not know that these were special, THC-infused brownies.

They all must have had a blast until the paranoia started to set in.

KTIV-TV in South Dakota reports:

"According to court documents, the Bon Homme County dispatch center received multiple calls on Jan. 4th around 8 p.m. of possible poisoning at the Tabor Senior Center. Each of the patients had been at the senior center for a card game earlier that day. After investigating, the responding deputy believed that all patients were under the influence of THC from a batch of brownies brought to the center by Koranda’s mother.
On the morning of Jan. 5, a sheriff and a deputy went to the mother’s residence and spoke with her, where they discovered that her son had baked a pan of brownies and she took them to the card game, not knowing that they were made with THC.
Prior to this incident, Michael Koranda had been in Colorado over the weekend and brought back products with marijuana.
The deputy says he and the sheriff later went to Tabor Elementary School and spoke with Koranda who admitted to bringing one pound of THC butter back to Tabor with him from Colorado. Koranda reportedly used half a pound of that butter to make the pan of brownies and then went to bed. His mother then unknowingly took the brownies to her card game."

The son was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

Come out guys, it was an honest mistaken. Free the man.

As Fox’s Greg Gutfield said, “good thing they didn’t play strip poker. Naked seniors look like they wear corduroy."

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