Florida Man Arrested For Pulling & Spraying Flame Thrower At Neighbors

Next level stuff from Florida man.

Andre Abrams, 57 was apparently mad over an ongoing parking dispute in his neighborhood, so to settle the dispute investigators say he armed himself with a flamethrower and began spraying it in the direction of his neighbor’s car.

The Alachua Chronicle reports:

“According to the arrest report, the flamethrower, an XM42 Lite, sprays flames out to 20 feet.
At the time of the incident, three juveniles were sitting in the car when they saw Abrams walking toward them with the flamethrower and then allegedly spraying it at the car. Witnesses reported that the flames came within five feet of the car and that they were afraid of being burned and afraid that the car would catch fire.
Post Miranda, Abrams reportedly stated that he has had ongoing issues with parking and admitted spraying the flamethrower near the car but denied that he was targeting the juveniles. He reportedly said that if he had wanted to burn the car, he would have.
According to the arrest report, there have been multiple reports of Abram using the flamethrower in his neighborhood.”

Abram now face three counts of aggravated assault

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