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WATCH: San Antonio Pharmacist Refuses To Fill Invermectin Prescription

A man in San Antonio filmed a Walgreen pharmacist refusing to fill the prescription written by his doctor.

The prescription the doctor wrote was for ivermectin.

The pharmacist told the man “we won’t fill ivermectin for COVID.”

The man told the pharmacist that a licensed doctor wrote the prescription for him and that he “has no right to get in-between a patient and a doctor”.

The pharmacist told him that ivermectin is not approved for COVID.

Of course, doctors have long prescribed drugs for “off label” use. For example, women with circulation issues have been prescribed Viagra.

Maryland Republican Rep. Andy Harris, a practicing anesthesiologist, says he’s prescribed Invermectin for patients and that pharmacies have repeatedly refused to fill the prescription.

He says: “it’s gotten bad. ... The pharmacists are just refusing to fill it...You can go all the doctor-shopping you want; I don’t think you’re going to find a pharmacist to fill the prescription. That’s the problem.”

He says that national pharmacy organizations are “saying pharmacies shouldn’t do it. It’s ridiculous.”

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