NY Mom Arrested For ‘Improperly’ Wearing Mask Prevail In Court

Last month, mother/radio host Shannon Joy was arrested in Rochester, New York for not wearing her mask properly at a school board meeting. 

She was even cuffed.

Shannon Joy was attending a Fairport Central School District school board meeting back on August 25th.

Joy streamed the incident on social media.

This week, Joy appeared in court after she was charged with criminal trespass.

PJ Media’s Megan Fox reports:

“As soon as Joy’s hearing began on Tuesday, the prosecutor dropped all charges “in the interest of justice,” noting that the criminal trespass was not serious enough to continue using the state’s resources.”

Joe tells The Daily Wire:

“it is becoming blatantly apparent that the Fairport School Board, Superintendent Brett Provenzano, and outside organization ‘Black In The Burbs’ collaborated to create meeting conditions designed to result in my arrest…I have been an outspoken community organizer with a large media platform and am often critical of the board’s policy & practices regarding masking, coerced vaccination, Critical Race Theory & Comprehensive Sex Education.
These individuals are so frightened of transparency and organic, open discourse that they sought to silence, intimidate and publicly humiliate me to serve as a warning to any other parent who dares to speak up. Instead, they have inadvertently outraged our community even further.”

After the charges were dropped she posted the following on Facebook:

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