Democrat Operative Awarded $11 Million COVID PR Contract From Harris County

The Czar discussed this story last week after Holly Hansen at The Texan first broke it.

Now, Fox 26’s Greg Groogan has investigated and uncovered more shady details.

So the Commandante awarded an $11 million contract to a firm called “Elevate Strategies LLC”, a firm run by longtime Democrat operative Felicity Pereyra.

Groogan reports that the firm “until recently, a one-woman operation that's been in existence barely two years and headquartered at a residential apartment complex in Montrose.”

In addition, he found that “the normal financial fitness requirements were apparently waived on this $11 million contract”.

Gee, wonder why.

Groogan notes that “experts in the industry and county officials tell FOX 26, Elevate Strategies lacks the bare minimum of resources needed for a project of this scope and couldn't possibly have met the strict bidding requirements mandated by the County, including five years of annual billings and a qualifying financial balance sheet with audited income statements.FOX 26 has confirmed no financial statements were required from Elevate Strategies LLC during the bidding process.”

In addition, Pereyra has worked almost exclusively for Democratic political campaigns.

Precinct 4's Jack Cagle says that’s a major "red flag", he adds “I did raise the concern that their experience was all with political campaigns and not health campaigns and I didn't like that and I still don't like it.”

The Commandante defended the contract saying “it is grassroots outreach. It's the same kind of outreach you do with political outreach.”

As the Czar says, "the Democrats are using tax dollars to build their voter database...this is criminal."

Don't expect the Chronicle to touch this. They've been the Commandante's biggest fan and right now they are too busy dunking on Abbott for getting COVID.

This is how they are framing it:

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