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TX GOP Rep. Tony Gonzalez: Border Counties See Record Deaths On The Border

Freshman Texas Republican Rep. Ton Gonzales represents Texas’ 23rd Congressional District which has more than 800 miles of the Texas-Mexico border.

Gonzales says no one in congress has been to the border and seen the crisis more firsthand than him.

He says he’s met with numerous county judges and they are asking for one thing in particular which is a grim reminder of the disaster of the Biden administration’s immigration policy.

Speaking on Newsmax, Rep. Gonzales says:

“My [county] judges are asking for one thing in particular.I sit in front of them and I go, ‘If I can do one thing for you, what would that be?’ And this is the ask I’m getting. They go, ‘Tony, we need more body bags.’ And I’m going, ‘Body bags? Why do you need body bags?’ They go, ‘Migrants are dying at record numbers, and we don’t have body bags to handle the situation.That’s what is happening on the ground.”

Dr. Corrine Stern with the Webb County Medical Examiner's office has been tracking illegal immigrant deaths along the border for more than a decade and she says that this year has been deadlier than in recent years.

She says, “typically our busiest months are July and August. And we are not even there yet.

Last year, by this time, 45 migrants had died on the border. This year, that number has nearly tripled to at least 128.

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