WATCH: Dan Bongino Makes Proponent Of "Critical Race Theory" Squirm

Former Obama administration official Roger Fisk appeared on Bongino’s Fox show over the weekend where he discussed his support of Critical Race Theory.

Bongino asked Fisk, “I ask you: you're white, are you an oppressor?"

Fisk responded, "I don't believe that I am," then he went through his family history, pointing out the parts of it he viewed as problematic.

Bongino pointed out that proponents of critical race theory seek to address “historical inequities” that “you weren’t responsible for”, so he asked Fisk “what are you personally doing to address your families inequities. Are you redistributing your money, giving back property…I’m just kind of wondering if people live by their own principal.”

Fisk says he doesn’t have a lot of wealth and thus he won’t voluntarily redistribute what he’s got to those his family oppressed.

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