Video Shows Tiger Roaming West Houston Neighborhood

Video posted to social media yesterday evening showed a tiger roaming loose in a west Houston neighborhood.

HPD tells the Houston Chronicle that the received a report about a loose tiger that "had a collar around its neck" and was "looking aggressive."

In one video, a neighbor showed up with a gun was going to put it down.

The New York Post reports:

“Get the f–k back inside. F–k you and your f—-ng tiger,” the man can be heard saying while training the apparent weapon at the animal, according to video posted to social media.
The other man, who claims to be the owner, replies, “I’ll get him, I’ll get him,” according to the video posted to Twitter by user @robwormald.
In another video, a woman shelters inside her home while watching the standoff.
“There is a freaking bengal tiger roaming in this yard and this dude needs to be careful,” the woman said. “What the heck? Why is there a tiger?”
The apparent owner eventually grabs the tiger and brings it back inside his home, photos show."

By the time police arrived, the tiger was gone. Police are investigating and it's unclear if charges will be filed.

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