HS Track Coach Fired For Not Forcing Runners To Wear Masks During Races

Again, the facemask has become the deity to the left. It’s straight-up cultish.

New Hampshire High School Track & Field coach Bradley Keyes says he was ordered by administrators at Pembroke Academy to force athletes to wear facemasks even while competing.

The New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association is requiring mask for all runners and all the schools apparently agreed with the policy.

So they are forcing athletes running in the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, mile or 2 mile to do it with a mask on. in addition, those running will already be “socially distanced” as runners will be place in every other lane. Those competing in the long, triple and high jump will also be required to don a mask.

Coach Keyes refused to force his athletes to compete with a silly mask on pointing out the obvious, "masks restrict breathing...think about running full speed, the wind is in your face it's shoving the mask back into your nose and your mouth."

He writes on his blog:

“I will not stand up in front of the kids and lie to them and tell them that these masks are doing anything worthwhile out in an open field with wind blowing and the sun shining.
…Please show me the science about how much the virus spreads outdoors.
I will not deceive them into thinking that these restrictions are somehow necessary or sensible.
…Show me the contact tracing data that shows spread between athletes, or anyone else, outside.
I will not pretend or try to convince them that they are at some grave risk and the masks are going to save them.
…Show me the data on infections, hospitalizations, and deaths for 14-18 year old athletes…
I keep hearing that we’re following the science. There is no science behind these restrictions. No, this is not about protecting the athletes, or even their families, it’s all about covering bureaucratic asses.”

On Monday, Keyes says he was fired by the school.

In an interview with WBZ-TV he said:

“I didn’t give (the school) any real choice. I backed them into a corner. What I wanted was to make a point. I was hoping the word would get out some and maybe there would be enough reaction that down the road, maybe in a few weeks or later, some of the restrictions would be changed. I just think people haven’t pushed back and I decided it was time to push back.”