Sen. Cruz: Smugglers Are Raping A Lot Of The Unaccompanied Minor Girls

Senator Ted Cruz appeared on the Michael Berry show this morning to discuss a wide range of topics. He revealed disturbingly details on how kids are being smuggled across the border.

He said:

“(Biden) announced we will not deport children... and as an immediately consequence...
we’ve seen this massive influx of kids coming in because if you’re not going to deport kids, guess what they're going to send your kids and it’s not compassionate these kids...the traffickers that are bringing them in they are abusing these children they're physically abusing these children they’re sexually abusing these children...
It's horrifying use you see little girls that are 11, 12, 13 years old that their parents are putting them on birth control before they hand them over to the traffickers because the odds are so high that they're going to be sexually assaulted or raped in transit.
Nobody who who cared about being humane or compassionate would want to see what we've got right now which is tens of thousands of children being abused by human traffickers and that’s Joe Biden fault.”