Ken Cuccinelli Blasts Woke Companies As “Extensions Of...Liberal Socialist”

The former DHS Deputy Secretary under Trump Ken Cuccinelli spokes with the czar this morning when he was asked for his thoughts on Delta, Coke & MLB going all in voicing their ignorant opposition to the Election Integrity Bill in Georgia.

Cuccinelli said:

"You know I'm not this is an example of people being caught in a bubble and I'll use the most famous example I can remember: it was a member of the White House Press Corps when Richard Nixon was re-elected overwhelming in 1972.He won 49 States. And one member of the White House Press Corps famously said to another I don't understand how McGovern lost everyone I know voted for McGovern.
And what that person forgot was that they don't hang around it normal circles and then America isn't like them... 
These high up in these corporations have become extensions of the liberal socialist movement in society that doesn't represent America, but certainly has a lot of power in America including over these corporations and so their boards here from the woke whiner and the people at the cocktail parties.
But ordinary Americans don't support this but that's not who they're talking to that is not who they're talking to. And frankly, I don't think they're serving their shareholders well and if any of them see a drop in the share price after they do this, they could very easily be facing shareholder lawsuits because there's no commercial sense to weighing-in to these sorts of things."