Investigator: Suspect In The Capitol Attack 'Intentionally Struck' Officers

The Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department say that the two officers were “intentionally struck” by the suspect, Noah Green.

Capitol Police officer Officer William "Billy" Evan was killed in the attack while another officer was injured.

Investigators say Green killed was killed by another officer after he exited his vehicle and moved toward them with a large knife.

Green's Facebook page reveals that he’s a follower of the National of Islam and a big fan of Louis Farrakhan.

ABC News reports that on March 17th Green wrote on Facebook

"One thing I'm assured everyone can lean on, as I've leaned on, is faith in the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as the man who can carry us through the dark hour.”

In another post that day, Green wrote:

 "I encourage everyone to study Revelations, study the signs of end times, study who the beast is, study who the anti-Christ is, study who the false prophet is, and study the created images during those times."

In addition, they report:

Last December, while living in Indiana, Green filed a petition with the Marion County Circuit Court to change his name to Noah Zaeem Muhammad. The petition was dismissed for an apparent failure to appear for a hearing on March 30, just three days before the attack, according to court records.