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Ohio Woman Arrested For April Fools' Prank About Active Shooter

April fools prank have become incredibly lame and banal.

An Ohio woman was working yesterday when she decided to prank her sister.She texted her to tell her that there was a gunman and they were all hiding in a locked room at the truck manufacturing plant.She asked her sister to call the police.

The sister did and police responded, except it was all a stupid prank.

WHIO-TV reports:

“Maj. Chris Clark said the worker at the plant texted her sister saying their was a report of an active shooter. That sister then called 911 around 11:45 a.m., which prompted a county-wide law enforcement response to the plant from multiple police agencies, Clark said.
“She said there was a guy that got fired yesterday and he came in with a gun and they are barricaded with the lights off in an office,” the sister said to a 911 dispatcher. “She sent me a text, and I’m afraid to text her if they are barricaded and hiding.”
Clark said deputies were on the scene within two minutes and quickly entered the facility looking for the reported active shooter, when they were eventually alerted that the report was an April Fools joke.
“She put a lot of people in danger today over a stupid joke,” Clark said.”

The prankster identified as Pamela Sisco, 57, was arrested.

Her co-workers were not amused by the prank, saying they were terrified.

Representatives of the company says that “an employee” has been suspended over the claim, one would assume that would be Sisco.

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