Dem Rep: “We Don’t Want” Small Businesses That Can’t Pay People $15 An Hour

Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna represents Silicon Valley and it’s obvious he doesn’t give a rats ass about small business.

When you represent big tech, you have no use for those pesky small businesses.

On CNN, Khanna was asked whether Democrats should be pushing for an increased federal minimum wage as the pandemic continues to adversely impact the American economy and particularly small business.

Shockingly, Khanna said small businesses should not keep their doors open if they do not pay employees the wage that Democrats are demanding.

He said:

“well, they shouldn't be doing it by paying people low wages. We don't want low-wage businesses. I think most successful small businesses can pay a fair wage. I love small businesses. I'm all for it. But I don't want small businesses that are underpaying employees. It's fair for people to make what they're producing and I think $15 is very reasonable in this country."

Also notice how the CNN anchor, Abby Phillips, slips her opinion in the question saying that large corporation like McDonald’s & Amazon should be paying more. Why? They are paid what the market determines they pay.Why stop at $15 an hour then.