CA Store Owner Uses His Gun To Stop Woman From Being Robbed & Is Arrested

Liberalism on full display.

Oakland’s Chinatown has seen a huge uptick in crime. One store owner decided to intervene and help a woman who was being robbed and for his efforts he was arrested.

CBS San Francisco reports:

"At about 5:30 p.m., a liquor store owner saw a woman being robbed of her camera at the corner of Ninth and Franklin. After seeing the woman knocked to the ground, the owner ran out with a gun, ordering the assailant to stop and reportedly firing four shots.
The suspect fled in a vehicle, but when police arrived, they took the business owner into custody.
“When I talk to the entire community they feel sad that someone is trying to help others and ends up to be the one arrested or being in custody,” said Carl Chan.
As head of the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, Chan has been working to calm nerves at the same time he is appealing for more police presence in the area. Armed security guards are already patrolling the streets, funded by donations from the public. Chan worries that without more cops, other business owners — like the man who was arrested Monday — will seek to deal with the problem themselves.
“So, I think many of the people feel strongly that we should be supporting the store owner,” Chan said."

Oakland’s Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong is actually defending the arrest of the good Samaritan.

He says:

“our message really is that we don’t want to see our business owners or others begin to arm themselves.We would really prefer them to be good witnesses and give us the observations that they have; share that information, call law enforcement immediately and let OPD respond and follow up. What we really don’t want to do is bring any additional issues that threaten safety into the equation.”

In other words, do nothing and let the criminals continue to terrorize the community.