Former CA Sen. Barbara Boxer Registers As A Foreign Agent For Chinese Firm

Axios reports that former California Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer will provide “strategic consulting services" to the Chinese surveillance firm Hikvision.

Hikvision has ties to the Chinese military and the Uighur concentration camps in the Xinjiang region of the country.

Axios reports:

“-In 2019, the Trump administration barred Hikvision from doing business with American firms absent a U.S. government license, citing the parent company's alleged involvement in the repression of Muslim minorities in the Chinese region of Xinjiang.
-Last year it accused Hikvision of ties to the Chinese military and prohibited U.S. investment in the company.
-The state-owned China Electronics Technology Group is Hikvision's controlling stakeholder. Hikvision cameras have been installed at internment camps in Xinjiang, where more than 1 million Uighurs are estimated to have been imprisoned or subjected to forced labor.
-Biden’s presidential campaign described China’s treatment of Uighur Muslims as “genocide” last year and said he "stands against it in the strongest terms."”

The announcement from Boxer, prompted the Biden inaugural committee to announce that they’ll return the $500 she donated.

Speaking to Tucker Carlson on Fox, Gordon Change says “Chinese Communist Party has completely infiltrated the US political system, especially the Democrat party in California”. He notes that Boxer along with Feinstein and of course, Eric Swalwell all have close ties with China.

Washington Examiner’s Carly Roman points out that:

“the scheduled refund comes as Biden battles allegations of improper familial ties to China. Biden's son, Hunter Biden, has come under investigation for his dealings with the country. Hunter Biden has been accused of exchanging financial kickbacks for access to the then-vice president.
One of the most high-profile incidents includes a venture between the Chinese Communist Party-linked CEFC China Energy conglomerate and Hunter Biden, along with Joe Biden's brother James Biden, former business partner Tony Bobulinski, and unnamed additional parties. In emails discussing the venture discovered on Hunter Biden's laptop, there was reportedly a reference to money to be paid to “the big guy," who Bobulinski claims was Joe Biden.”

She is the second former US Senator to work with the Chinese company. Former Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter is also helping them.

This is the epitome of the swamp.