Portlandia’s Liberal Mayor Is Harassed At A Restaurant By Antifa Thugs

Warning the video below contains f-bombs, if that offends you then don't click on it.

Portland’s Liberal Mayor Ted Wheeler was confronted by a group of Antifa goons as he ate at a restaurant on Wednesday night.

They got in his face & cussed him out, one lady even shoved him.

The video shows one man yelling at Wheeler, “F--k you, f--k you, shame on you.”

Wheeler tells the group they “need to grow up” and asks them to leave.

The mayor’s office put out a statement saying:

“The Mayor is committed to supporting local businesses and wants others to do the same.Given the tenor of political discourse nationally and locally, it’s not unusual for people to confront the Mayor and other elected officials in public. It’s part of the job.”

The mayor’s office says at one point one person in the group started “swatting at the Mayor and made physical contact with him.”

The Oregonian newspaper reports:

“The reported contact was not captured on video footage posted to Twitter, though Wheeler can be heard claiming someone assaulted him. He wasn’t hurt...
Wheeler took a photograph of the woman he said hit him. The woman he photographed is Tracy Molina, a prominent social justice activist and regular participant in the city’s protests against police violence and systemic racism.
The mayor does not plan to seek criminal charges in the incident...”

He's not going to press charges. This is only going to embolden them, next time it'll be a bloody nose & two black eyes or worse.