HISD says 42% Of Students Failed At Least One Class During Virtual Learning

Again Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is right, closing public schools was the "biggest public health blunder" in modern U.S. history.

HISD says 42% students failed one or more class during the virtual “learning” grading period. The normal failure rate for the district in that grading period is around 11%, so that rate quadrupled.

By all means, let’s listen to the teachers unions & the Commandante and close the schools.

The Chronicle’s Jacob Carpenter reports:

“If those trends keep up, districts expect to see a decline in graduation rates, an increase in summer school demand and a need for intensive support to accommodate students falling behind, among numerous other consequences...
Educators said the academic decline largely boils down to students struggling to attend online classes and complete assignments...
Educators fear the pandemic will widen graduation and college acceptance disparities between children from lower-income and higher-income families. Districts in less affluent areas of Houston generally saw more students remain in online classes, where failing grades were more prevalent.”

This is all the least surprising news of the day.

You got many working parents, struggling to keep food on the table while also being forced to serve as an educator with an online platform & system that is utter garbage.

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