The ABC Biden Town Hall Questioners Included A Former Obama Staffer

The shady, corrupt mainsteam media is going to do shady & corrupt things.

Last week, NBC News’ townhall with Joe Biden featured a couple of “undecided” voters who had recently appeared on MSNBC as “Biden supporters”.

Last night’s ABC News townhall featured a question from a former Obama staffer and one from the wife of a prominent Pennsylvania Democrat.

Would you expect anything less from Clinton hack & Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos?

Fox News reports:

"One of the questioners at the ABC-hosted event was Nathan Osburn, a former speechwriter for the Obama White House. Osburn specifically worked for the Office of Public Affairs at the Commerce Department under the Obama-Biden administration and at the Small Business Administration. 
Osburn's profession was listed as "communications" on the ABC town hall graphic and his city was listed as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...
Another questioner at the town hall was Mieke Haeck, who ABC presented as a physical therapist from State College, Pa.
Haeck is also the wife of Ezra Nanes, a high-profile Democrat in Pennsylvania who in 2018 ran a campaign challenging Republican state Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman. Nanes is currently an at-large member of the Centre County Democratic Committee. Centre County is the county in which State College resides."