Biden: Cops Need To Be Trained To Shoot ‘Someone Coming At You” In The Leg

Mind-blowingly ridiculous, dumb and flat out dangerous.

This is the kind of ignorance you display when your knowledge of firearms comes from movies and cartoons.

During last night’s ABC's town hall event, Biden suggested that police need to be trained to shoot to wound instead of kill.

He said, “you can ban chokeholds, but beyond that you have to teach [the police] how to de-escalate circumstances.So instead of anybody coming at you and the first thing you do is shoot to kill, you shoot them in the leg."

First off, shooting someone in the legs that is charging at you with a knife doesn’t necessarily stop the threat. This ain’t the movies. And not to mention how difficult it actually is to hit a small moving target like that.

This isn’t some off-the-cuff gaffe, he’s said this exactly thing before.

He said then, "we also have to fundamentally change the way police are trained. The idea that instead of standing there and teaching a cop when there's an unarmed person that's coming at them with a knife so they shoot him in the leg instead of in the heart, is a very different thing. There's a lot of different things that can change."

Of course this is the same guy back in 2013, told people to haphazardly fire warning shots when defending their home.