Watch: Antifa/BLM Goons Surround Police Cruiser, Two Get Thrown Off

President Trump was in Sacramento for a briefing with local and federal fire and emergency officials on the state's wildfires.

So the BLM/Antifa thugs were out in force.

A group of them surrounds a California Highway Patrol cruiser when two men jumped on the cruiser, threatening the officer.

Keep in mind that just two days ago, two L.A. County Sheriff Deputies were shot in an ambush attack.

The officer removed himself from the threat by driving off with one of the men on the hood of the cruiser. That man is thrown several feet onto the ground, while a person in the white T-shirt that reads “Trump sucks” also falls down.

The Sacramento Bee reports:

The incident involving the CHP cruiser also remained under investigation, McTaggart said. Two CHP officers were conducting traffic control near the intersection of northbound Watt Ave and Airbase Drive and tried to leave the area, according to the CHP.
“As the lead vehicle began to pull away, one of the protesters climbed up the hood of the patrol vehicle,” McTaggart said in an emailed statement. “Fearing for his safety, the officer began to accelerate away and the protester fell off the vehicle.”

Here's another angle: