Federal Officers In Portland Suffered More Than 100 Eye Injuries

Department of Homeland Security Deputy Director Ken Cuccinelli says federal officers in Portland suffered 113 eye injuries while guarding the federal courthouse from BLM & Antifa thugs.

Cuccinelli says multiple lasers were pointed into the eyes of agents, telling a Senate subcommittee:

“we’ve had a number of officers who have days-long blindness. So far they’ve all kind of come back, if you will.But you also get what’s called flash blindness. Think of it as the old Kodak cameras where you get that blue spot and you can’t quite see your entire field of vision for a period.”

Cuccinelli says the rioters appear to be aiming to maximize damage:

“a tactic that quickly developed among the violent participants in these activities was to cut those holes in the shields and instead of standing back at the back of a crowd and aiming at the eyes of officers, they will also now bring the shield up close and bring it right up into you. And so the intensity of the strike to the eyes of the officer is much more significant....For those of you who are engineers like me, it’s a square function. So if you’re twice as far away, it’s a quarter of the energy.”

He says the lasers create problems for officers because they cannot look toward the beams to identify suspects.

Overall, there have been 277 injuries to 140 individual officers. Hearing damage is the second most-common officer injury.

Just remember this violent BLM/Antifa group was defend by Obama last week at John Lewis’ funeral who described them as “peaceful demonstrators”.

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