Democrat Sen. Walks Out Of Hearing When Asked To Denounce Antifa Violence

Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution hosted a hearing entitled, “The Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble: Protecting Speech by Stopping Anarchist Violence.”

The subcommittee is chair by Senator Ted Cruz and the hearing focused on Antifa “terror attacks” during anti-police brutality “protests”.

Sen. Cruz opened the hearing with a powerful video on Antifa.

Cruz blasted Democrats for refusing to condemn Antifa violence.

Hawaii Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono ultimately objected then Cruz gave her the chance to explicitly condemn Antifa violence. Instead of doing that, Hirono got up and walked out of the hearing.

As she got up to leave, Cruz said “I would also note that throughout her remarks she still did not say a negative word about Antifa nor has any Democrat here."

He then urged her again to denounce the violent group, telling her "you're welcome to say something negative about Antifa right now.”

She declined as Cruz pointed out “so that is the position of the Democratic Party.”

Cruz later appeared on Fox where he again blasted Democrat Subcommittee members for refusing to criticize Antifa "in any way".

He said:

“What’s happening, unfortunately, is not free speech, and those who are peaceably protesting are seeing their protests hijacked by violent anarchists, by Marxists who are engaged in acts of terror.At the end of the day, none of this is complicated. Don’t assault your fellow citizens. Don’t firebomb a police car, don’t loot and destroy small businesses, don’t murder police officers...
What is striking, in about four hours of hearing today in the Senate Constitution subcommittee that I chair, seven Democrats spoke and questioned the witnesses.Not a single one dared to criticize antifa in any way because they are making a cynical decision that they want to encourage these radical leftists who are assaulting and threatening American citizens. It’s really unfortunate.”

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