Six Weeks After New York Mail-In Primary Still No Official Results

Just a preview of what is to come in November if the Democrat have their way and we go with a national, mail-in ballot election.

The NY Times reports:

“Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and other officials are trading blame for the botched counting in the city, and the Postal Service is coming under criticism over whether it is equipped to handle the sharp increase in absentee ballots.Election lawyers said one area of concern in New York City was that mail-in ballots have prepaid return envelopes. The Postal Service apparently had difficulty processing some of them correctly and, as a result, an unknown number of votes — perhaps thousands — may have been wrongfully disqualified because of a lack of a postmark.Thousands more ballots in the city were discarded by election officials for minor errors, or not even sent to voters until the day before the primary, making it all but impossible for the ballots to be returned in time...”

NYC’s board of elections have not certified the vote yet.

One race involves Democrat incumbent Rep. Carolyn Maloney and challenger Suraj Patel.

As Michael Goodwin points out in the New York Post:

At least 12,000 mailed ballots have been invalidated, many because they were received too late and others because they had no postmark to prove when they were mailed.
State officials, who included pre-stamped return envelopes when they sent the ballots, apparently didn’t know that such envelopes often don’t get postmarked. Thus, there is no way to know if those ballots were marked and mailed by Election Day.
In some cases, ballots were returned late because election officials did not send them to voters until the day before the primary. Some lacked signatures and ran afoul of other technicalities.
One clear result: lawsuits. So judges will have the final say about which votes are counted.
Already an estimated 28 percent of the votes from the Brooklyn portion of the district have been tossed out.
That’s smoking-gun evidence of chaos and grounds to doubt the accuracy of the final outcome.
Now imagine the enormous opportunity for mischief and mistakes if every state opts for universal mail-in and 160 million ballots are mailed to registered voters and back to election offices in the fall.
Nothing like it has ever been attempted, so to assume it would go smoothly is beyond foolish. Indeed, it would be a miracle if it weren’t a disaster.
And not just for the presidential election. Congressional, state and local races all could be upended by ballot issues and disputes. By comparison, fights over hanging chads in one state would seem like a walk in the park.

President Trump warns that the New York primary is “same thing would happen, but on massive scale” across the country on Nov.

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