Mayor Turner Follows Gov Abbott’s By Stepping Up Enforcement Of Mask Order

Never forget this:

If you wanted to further destroy police morale along with the trust, support and respect they’ve spent building without the community this is how you would do it.

At Gov. Grabbitt’s urging Mayor Turner announces that Houston Police will now be ticketing people for not wearing facemask in public.

They will receive a warning for their first offense, and a $250 ticket for their second offense.

Turner saysI am instructing the Houston Police Department to issue the necessary warnings and citations to anyone not wearing a mask in public if they do not meet the criteria for an exemption.”

For the last month, Gov. Abbott has been demanding that police across Texas step up their enforcement of his mask order.

In response to Abbott newfound love of government heavy hand, a number of Texas county Republican parties passed resolutions condemning Abbott.

Ector County in the Odessa area was the first, they blasted Abbott for “failing to preserve the freedoms of Texans when he enacted executive orders that resulted in the denial of due process to millions of Texans, constituted takings without just compensation by closing businesses without just cause, denied the people the right to freedom of assembly, and imposed onerous mandates, fines, and imprisonment upon the people”.

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