Cops Handcuff Dad in Front of 6-yr-old for Playing Tee-Ball in Empty Lot

Most police officers are reasonable people, but during this pandemic some local municipal governments are taking the social distancing order to an absurd level.

A 33-year-old father was handcuffed in front of his 6-year-old daughter for playing tee-ball in an empty lot during the COVID19 lockdwon.

Does this make sense to anyone?

Matt Mooney shared his experience on Facebook after being arrested in Donelson Park. He said he could take "detainment" off his "bucket list".

A video posted online by former Brighton City Councilman Kirby Wallin showed Mooney being detained by police on Sunday.

Mooney said he didn't provide an identification card to the three officers because he didn't think it was illegal to throw a ball with his daughter.

Wallin said the father was being detained while 'playing softball with his daughter'.

The dad spent 10 minutes in a patrol car before he was released by authorities.