Seattle Woman Who Recovered From The Coronavirus: “Don't Panic”

Elizabeth Schneider, 37, was infected with the coronavirus and is now recovering.She is speaking out, saying that we must avoid panicking over the illness.

She says she hopes her story will “give people a little bit of hope”.

Schneider, who has a Ph.D. in bioengineering, says she contracted the virus “when attending a small house party at which no one was coughing, sneezing or otherwise displaying any symptoms of illness”.

She detailed it all in a facebook post.

The bottom line she tells AFP is “don't panic.If you think that you have it, you probably do; you should probably get tested.”

She tells CNN: "I think the big takeaway I want to tell everyone is: Please don't panic. If you are healthy, if you are younger, if you take good care of yourself when you're sick, you will recover, I believe. And I'm living proof of that."