Falwell Jr: I Hear Rumblings That Romney Wants To Be VP On A Dem Ticket

Bloomberg-Romney in 2020? Reminiscent of the “dream ticket” of Kerry-McCain in 2004.

On with Lou Dobbs last night, Jerry Falwell Jr. made the claim that Mitt Romney not only wants to leave the party, but he’s hearing speculation that Romney wants to be a running mate for one of the Democrats.

Falwell said:

“I think he’s going to leave the party. I hear he’s positioning himself to be a vice presidential candidate for one of the Democrats. I think it’s the honest thing to do because he’s more in line with their beliefs than the Republican Party. This is his move to come clean, finally.”

Lou Dobbs chimed in to say “I think what you hear out there, I don’t know if you can hear it.I can, it’s a lot of applause out there for what you are suggesting.”

Plausible? Or is Falwell just pushing garbage?

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