Elizabeth Warren Tries To Hide From Camera After Getting Off Private Jet

The video from Monday, shows Elizabeth Warren getting off the private jet in Des Moines.

When she realizes she is being recorded by a camera, she quickly hides behind a staffer.

Last year, Warren was touting her environmentally friendly campaigning habits, telling a crowd in New Hampshire that she flies commercial to reduce her “carbon footrpint” and that the environment is so important to their campaign it determines “the kind of car we drive.”

Warren is not alone in her love of private jets. The Hill reports that Bernie Sanders also uses it on the campaign trail:

Private flights could pose risks for Sanders and Warren, the AP noted, as the two leading progressives have railed against privileges afforded to the elite and eschewed contacts with high-dollar donors.
The two senators have also touted themselves as advocates for intensified efforts to combat climate change, while the use of private jets has been criticized as environmentally unfriendly.
“This is the problem of presenting your purity above your practicality,” Democratic strategist Chris Lippincott, who has not endorsed any of the 2020 primary candidates, told the AP. “When we think about certain candidates who talk a lot about the environment ... you’re going to hold them to a different standard.”

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