GOP Congressman Who Lost Legs to IED Torches Dems On Soleimani

Florida Republican Rep. Brian Mast is calling out Democrat “cowards” for their reaction to the killing of Iranian terror-master Qasem Soleimani.

Last week on the House floor, Mast discussed the Democrats resolution that argued that the president didn't have the authority to order the missile strike taking out Soleimani and another top terrorist in Iraq.

Mast said about Soleimani:

He was a terrorist....He was the head of a designated terrorist organization no different than ISIS or Al-Qaeda. And he was responsible for the deaths of our men and women.I know most in here haven't seen or smelled or touched that kind of death, but let me tell you about it. They were burned alive inside their Humvees. Their lungs were scorched by the flames of the explosions. The vehicle fragments were blown into their skulls. Some of them were paralyzed. Some of them had their arms blown off. Some of them had their legs blown off. Some of them will never see again. Some of them will never be recognized again by those who knew them previously. Each and every one of them – they are the credible explanation for deleting this terrorist target from our world. And, no doubt, it is dangerous to take out a terrorist target, but a coward is somebody who lacks the courage to endure danger.And this is the fundamental difference in voting yes or no here. If you vote no you understand that we would be justified to kill 100 Soleimanis for just one of our heroes, that have been killed by him. And the danger would be worth it. For those who vote yes, they see that he has killed hundreds of our service members but still can no find the justification to kill him because, unlike our fallen heroes, they lack the courage to endure danger". 

Mast was serving in Kandahar, Afghanistan as part of an ordnance detail when he took a wrong step while crossing a bridge and a roadside bomb tore through his body.

He said about the blast, “I can remember it rattled my teeth.I didn’t even know if I had teeth left in my mouth because the concussion of this explosion that took off both of my legs and nearly took off my arm.”

Soleimani's IRGC and Quds Force orchestrated the building of many of those bombs. They were responsible for killing 603 U.S. troops and wounding hundreds, if not thousands more.

Mast told Fox on Friday that he couldn't be "more amazed" by those "taking Iran's side" after the rogue regime fired missiles at an airbase in Iraq which hosted American troops.

He said:

This is a common theme from the left, these American apologists that like to go out there and say that because America did something this resulted in some other country going out there and taking some unnecessary actions, some ill-fated action.And, it's not the Americans' fault. It's the fault of those that went out there and took those actions themselves."