Army Vet Dies 10-Years After Being Shot While Looking For Bowe Bergdahl

Retired Army Master Sgt. Mark Allen had been unable to walk or speak since that incident in July 2009.

At Bergdahl's trial, Allen's wife, Shannon, testified that it would take up to 90 minutes each morning to get her husband out of bed, showered, and dressed. S

Bergdahl later pled guilty and was dishonorably discharged, reduced in rank from sergeant to private and fined $1,000 per month over a 10-month period for deserting his post and endangering the lives of fellow soldiers, including Allen.

When Bergdahl was traded for five Taliban prisoners and brought home, Shannon Allen, didn't hold back her feelings for how he changed their family forever.

She wrote on Facebook, “meet my husband, injuries directly brought to you by the actions of this traitor. He can’t give an account of what went down, because he can no longer speak. Now, which guy is a ‘hero’ again?!? Sick.”

Allen spent 21 years in the U.S. Army and the Army National Guard. He retired in 2013 upon receiving a Purple Heart.

The Loganville, Georgia community rallied around the Allen family when he returned home. Volunteers built a playground for Allen’s young daughter and did landscaping, and helped buy adaptive jackets for other soldiers who had been wounded.

Allen is survived by his wife, Shannon; son, Cody; and daughter, Journey.

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