Former NFLer Arrested For Hoax Hate Crime He Tried To Pin On MAGA Crowd


Looks like Jussie Smollet has company…

WGCL-TV Report:

Police in suburban Atlanta caught the man they say ransacked two local businesses and vandalized them with racist graffiti…Their suspect is the 31-year-old former NFL player who owns both businesses.
Officers found racial slurs spray painted on the walls, swastikas and MAGA.
When officers tracked down the business owner, 31-year- old Edawn Coughman, he was found in his truck with recently unmounted flat screen TV.
Po-po also found two cans of spray paint and a yellow crowbar.
They yellow crowbar is important because the back of the business had some yellow pry marks on the back door indicating that somebody had tried to use it to break into the back door.
A spokesman says Coughman told police them that the vandalism happened earlier in the day, but according to po-po the smell of fresh paint told a different story.An officer noted “if the burglary and vandalism had occurred earlier in the day like he told us, that paint would not still be wet.”
They say the entire hate crime and burglary was fake.He is now facing charges of insurance fraud, false report of a crime and concealing a license plate.

Had the police not caught this clown, the media narrative would have been how Trump is inspiring so much hatred in this country.

Add this to the growing list of hate crime hoaxes that the media ran with.

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